Blueprint CSS framework

Posted by – June 28, 2008

All hail the power of Blueprint. All of my new projects use it as the base for setting up the design. We used it as the basis for the redesign of ArtCal done in cooperation with Subsidiary Design.

It's the easiest grid layout CSS I have ever used, and much more convenient than YUI Grids. You also get the advantage of attractively designed fonts and sizes for all HTML elements including headers.

In anticipation of a big press release distribution announcing the official launch of Culture Pundits, I redesigned my Tristan Media LLC homepage using Blueprint, adding blocks for my three main projects. I'm using PHP with a JSON feed to rotate the featured ArtCat artist on every page load. I'm also using the Google AJAX Feed API to display recent items from RSS feeds.

Subsidiary is also working on new artist and gallery templates for ArtCat, using Blueprint.

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  1. t.whid says:

    perl AND PHP…

    impressive :-)