Don’t buy a Samsung monitor & Tekserve rocks

Posted by – April 10, 2009

The perils of buying a Samsung monitor are now evident.

  • Feburary 6: bought a Samsung 2043BWX monitor from Tekserve
  • Last week of February: monitor dies -- no image whatsoever
  • March 10: trying to meet deadlines, finally have time to submit an exchange request to Samsung, giving a credit card so they can mail a replacement
  • Next 4 weeks: status on Samsung site does change. I call weekly, am told that it will ship out after 15 business days, and I should be patient.
  • April 3: Told no monitor is available for an exchange, and I will be called back with options such as other monitors they could send.
  • April 6: I call back after getting no call from Samsung service, am told the person who could authorize shipping me a different model has been out and they will call me the next day.
  • April 8: I call again, and I'm told that shipping a replacement is impossible. I will need to ship them my monitor and wait 5+ business days for it to be repaired.

So, basically 4+ weeks of phone calls, and empty promises to call me back, to learn they’re not going to replace a monitor that I could have shipped in had I been told to do so on March 10. Since I bill hourly for my consulting work, I would have been better off just throwing away the monitor based on the time this has taken.

Update: I sent an email to customer service at Tekserve with a link to this blog post asking for help, and one of the owners(!) wrote back to say they’ll replace it right away.

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  1. Don Kolva says:

    VERY SIMILAR experience here. We shipped a monitor back to Samsung repair, waited 8 weeks with no update on the web site. So, we called and left a message, but no reply. Called again, and this time received a message back from the repair facility saying that it would be fixed and shipped within two days.

    When the repaired monitor arrived, it was packed with miscellaeous foam (from a computer) and I was amazed that it arrived in tact!

    I am now trying to get the original foam packing back, but finding it nearly impossible to get email addresses for anyone at Samsung.

    I would strongly avoid doing business with this company, they don’t know how to do customer service.

  2. Kiara says:

    Ill agree, DONT BUY A SAMSUNG.

    Bought a $600 Monitor on the 3rd of December 2011, it broke within the week-and i made my first phone call to samsung, was told theyd send me a email i had to print and sign and id receive a phone call from someone to pick it up...surprise surprise, no email and no phone call, so i call back and get told theyll send me a email and ill receive that phone call again. Well i did receive the email, but didnt receive the phone call for pickup....i called back 6 other times between then and the 3rd of january and still had no success. On the third i was finally given the phone number of the courier company, and called them myself and arranged the pickup (isnt that their damn job?!) So the next monday my monitor was picked up...only took a month of fussing around and hours of waiting on hold GG samsung -.-

    Its now mid February, its been 4.5weeks since my monitor was picked up, i called in at two weeks and was told they were still waiting on a piece for it.....WHY oh WHY didnt they just send me a replacement unit straight away? Why didnt they loan me a screen for the time it was in seriously? In the time its been broken the screen itself has devalued over $100, and my Desktio thats sitting here doing nothing has lost over $300 in value....SAMSUNG SUCKS!